The Singing Tree 

Creating Harmony

The Singing Tree is a community-based project that provides holistic support for individuals and their families affected by severe brain trauma.

Knowing firsthand the daunting challenges of raising a child with cerebral palsy, Mr. Rimmu Khandelwal, has identified the urgent need for a support group in Jaipur where parents, relatives and friends of those affected with severe brain trauma can find support and compassionate understanding.  The Singing Tree will provide valuable resources and support to underserved families in the Jaipur area.


Project Scope - Education

1.)  Assessing the needs of children and adults with severe brain trauma that are currently not met by the government/health industry/society in general.

2.)  Assessing the needs of families dealing with severe brain trauma.  What coping mechanisms are in place?  Do they have access to adequate resources, support networks, clinics, medical consultations, financial aid.

3.)  Exploring alternative healing modalities such as music, yoga, herbal remedies, aromatherapy, reiki, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition, ayurveda and massage.

Project Scope - Healing Activities

1.)  Weekly gatherings for support, education and psychological guidance

2.)  Exploring innovative technology. (e.g., eye-tracking software, mobility supports

3.)  Inspirational support from a global perspective.

4.)  Access to literature (resource kits)

5.) Nutritional guides (especially for those who have trouble swallowing or digesting certain foods

6.)  Medical assessments from qualified doctors

7.)  One-to-one consultations with caregivers 

8.)  Community support (Who and Where?)

9.)  Faith Based Organizations

10.)  Disability Advocacy Organizations

11.)  Other like-minded NGOs (sharing of information, resources)

12.)  Stress relief exercises






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