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Report from Rift Valley Adventures

Yesterday we had the great pleasure of visiting with Ndemu Primary School. The school, roughly an hour’s drive from Nanyuki, sits on approximate 10 acres of land, extending to a High school section and serving the Daiga community at large.

We were received with big smiles and friendly faces. We had the opportunity to walk around the school and witness the impressive projects the students undertook. Key among them is an extensive banana plantation at the back of the school, and along its margin, the front of the school, a vegetable garden where they grow spinach, kale, avocado, and lots of carrot. The students pride themselves in tending to the vegetable garden and trees, and the fresh produce that comes from it is shared at the assembly ground or at lunch. We were lucky to arrive in time to share bananas on this occasion, and we could see genuine pride and joy as the students shared their bananas with us.

We further got the opportunity to sit with 45 students who would be joining us for our first conservation activities in Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Camp. After some games, the students were giggling and laughing, and open to engage. We wanted to know what they expected and also tell them what we would do on the park visit day. Eva and I spoke about conservation and why it was important to take care of the environment. I’m happy to say that this was not in any way a new concept for them, rather something they do to a certain level, perhaps not fully appreciating that what they did in some way or form was part of taking care of our environment. Adding to this, we appreciated that adventurous activities were a great way to enjoy nature. They students definitely thought riding a bike was cool or hiking / climbing Mount Kenya as an example.

We have great expectations of this first trip and are excited to take the students of Ndemu Primary school into an experience I think will be of great impact on themselves, their worldview and maybe even ambitions. We know that they will walk away with a deeper understanding of what it means to be conservation activists and environmental ambassadors.

Richie Wachira at Ndemu Primary School in Nanyuki, Kenya. (May 2019)

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Students from Ndemu Primary School, Nanyuki, Kenya

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