Komba Safaris

As of April 2020, this project no longer receives funding from Kindness in Action.  We will re-examine future initiatives post COVID-19.

Connecting Children With Nature - Kenya

In an effort to inspire respect and responsibility for our environment, a unique approach to connect children to nature has manifested in Nairobi, Kenya with the collaboration of experienced organizations that understand the intrinsic value of wildlife conservation messaging along with purposeful and swift action.


Komba Safaris is a pilot project spearheaded and funded by Rotarians in California (Rotary Club of Los Altos) and Kindness in Action USA.   It was inspired by the United Nations Environment Programme and is being implemented by the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK).  The WCK created a key program (Komba Safaris) that educates students through outdoor learning by taking them to areas of wildlife importance where they are taught how to conserve and appreciate wildlife. The safaris expose students to common environmental challenges and how they can be addressed. The WCK has selected 15 primary school wildlife clubs from slum areas of Nairobi (Kibera – is the largest urban slum in Africa) and just recently in Nanyuki where the students participated in a specialized safari created by Rift Valley Adventures in Ol Pejeta Conservancy.


UNEP is providing access to their kid’s pack with comics and postcards from their Wild for Life campaign, their world’s largest lesson plans introducing the global goals for sustainable development, an education pack on plastic pollution in Swahili and access to videos on the Wild For Life campaign. They will also provide communication about combatting wildlife crime to achieve social and behavioural changes. 


Kindness in Action also sponsored the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya Essay/Art Competition September 2019 which was open to all 5,000 wildlife clubs in Kenya.

Artwork - Interpret our theme, “The Future of Wildlife Lies in Our Hands”

Essay - What can you do to make a difference in wildlife conservation in Kenya?  


Our goal is to create wildlife and environmental conservation curricula that are culturally and geographically sensitive.  We are also working with one of the facilitators from the Dalai Lama's Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning Curriculum to enhance the Komba Safaris.