In honor of our 20th Anniversary Celebration, we asked our dear friends at Crazy Shirts in Honolulu, Hawaii to add our logo to one of their crater dyed long sleeved cotton crew shirts.   It is dyed with real volcanic ash.  


We chose the stingray as a symbol of  flexibility, protection and sensitivity.  It reminds us to embrace our environment to create peace and harmony.  The stingray also compliments our new environmental programme that was especially designed during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are grateful to Crazy Shirts for embracing our idea and for helping us promote our environmental curriculum, "Ho'oponopono - Make Our Environment Right," in Kenya.

Ho’oponopono, is the Hawaiian concept of forgiveness and making things right.  Ho’opononpono, Make Our Environment Right, is an environmental project created by Kindness in Action, Inc. USA, with the specific intention of manifesting sacred activism in school children on a global scale.  The logo was created based on the flora and fauna of the Hawaiian islands.  It is intended to create a sense of well-being and motivation to create a better world, a healthy environment for our children. 

The long sleeved cotton crew shirts come only in men's sizes, S, M, L and XL.  (Note to women:  If you are generally a small-medium then the men's small will work best for you.  



Size    Chest    Chest

S    35-38”    89-97 cm

M    38-41”    97-104 cm

L    41-44”    104-112 cm

XL    44-47”    112-119 cm

Price - $40 including shipping within the U.S.

All profits go to the Ho'oponopono environmental programme in Kenya.

Please click below to order your T-shirt and please include your shipping address.

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